Ï The play «Gilgameş» was shown at the Balkan velayat theatre

The play «Gilgameş» was shown at the Balkan velayat theatre

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The play «Gilgameş» was shown at the Balkan velayat theatre
Andrey Pakulov

The chief director of the Balkan velayat state drama theater Ovezmammet Galandarov is one of the famous theatre masters not only in the velayat, but also in the country. During his almost 26 years of practice during the years of independence, Ovezmammet created more than 70 stage productions.

About 40 of them are stage works, the author and director of which was a theater figure who worked as both a playwright and a director. They are the sweet fruits of the skill of a talented director and playwright, delivering great spiritual pleasure to theatre fans.

Recently, the play «Gilgameş» was shown for the first time, staged by director Ovezmammet Galandarov based on the play by playwright Oguljennet Bashimova. This performance, dedicated to the proclamation of the city of Anev by the international organization TURKSOY as the «Cultural Capital of the Turkic World», was received by the theater audience with endless gratitude.

Unlike other historical plays, the play covers events from the early stages of human civilization. Also, a performance that reflected the national cultural heritage of our people, its glorious past, dating back thousands of years.

It should be noted that Rejep Nazgurbanov masterfully played the main character Gilgamesh in the play. «Gilgameş», the main character, is searching for eternity during the events of the play. In the end, he clearly realizes that eternity is good deeds dedicated to all humanity, country, people.

In the play, the role of Engidu was performed by Myratberdi Satiyev, Annasoltan Berdiyeva as Ninsu, Lachyn Nuryyeva as Ishtar, Gulnur Gajymammedova as Udnapusht, Amansoltan Nepesova as Fekhishen and Hydyrberdi Hydyrov as Urshanab. Talented artists Gurban Anjykov, Yakup Ovezov, Arslan Mammetgulyyev, Parahat Elyasov also successfully coped with the historical figures entrusted to them.

Kuvvat Mammametnepesov perfectly managed to create the stage design of the performance with unique colors. We are confident that the historical play based on the work «Gilgameş» will delight the audience and leave a good impression on them.