Ï Active preparation for the scientific conference TESC 2024 continues

Active preparation for the scientific conference TESC 2024 continues

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Active preparation for the scientific conference TESC 2024 continues

Registration for the International Scientific Conference "Energy Prospects, New Technologies and Environmental Aspects in the Development of Hydrocarbon Resources» (TESC 2024), which will be held on June 5-6 in Arkadag, Turkmenistan, continues.

The organizers of the scientific conference are State Concerts "Turkmengas" and "Turkmennebit", State Corporation "Turkmengeologiya" in cooperation with "Turkmen Forum" and UK-based GaffneyCline.

The aim of the conference is to strengthen international cooperation between Turkmen governmental organizations and major energy companies, academic communities and financial institutions, with a focus on environmental protection and green energy development.

The event's presentations and panel sessions will provide participants with information on the latest initiatives to reduce emissions and associated gas while developing Turkmenistan's vast energy resources.

A UN session on "Enchancing Energy Security and Energy System Resilince Throught Energy Connectivity and Trade" is planned as an integral component of the conference program. Recognizing the key role of cooperation in strengthening the sustainability of energy systems in Central Asia, this session highlights the importance of initiatives aimed at enhancing connectivity and trade in the region. Led by UNECE and UNESCAP, the Energy Connectivity Program includes various projects aimed at developing energy infrastructure and facilitating cross-border energy trade, thus contributing to the stability and sustainability of the energy sector.

Confirmed speakers for the session include Vladimir Valetka - Economist, Development Coordination Officer, UNRCO Turkmenistan; Nadezhda Khamrakulova - Economic Affairs Officer, UNECE; Khamidilla Shamsiev - Director, CDU Energy (Uzbekistan); and Anna Lobanova - Energy Connectivity Specialist, ESCAP.

Participation in the conference will provide delegates with a unique opportunity to learn about potential investment opportunities in renewable energy and the diversification of the energy sector towards cleaner energy.

All interested delegates are reminded that registration for in-person participation is open until June 1 and for online participation until June 4. Visa support will be provided for delegates traveling to Ashgabat. 

For more information on the upcoming conference, please go to the event website or email at info@turkmen-forum.com.