Ï Representatives discussed issues of teaching methodology Turkmen university and CDIO organization

Representatives discussed issues of teaching methodology Turkmen university and CDIO organization

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Representatives discussed issues of teaching methodology Turkmen university and CDIO organization

At the Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan named after Oguz Khan held an educational and methodological online seminar under guidance of a leading teacher, training specialist Singapore Polytechnic, Head of to the Asian region of CDIO Sin Moha Chea.


At a meeting on improving teaching methods attended by teachers and students of the university, for which the seminar became an effective platform for enriching professional knowledge, exchanging opinions, studying the innovative experience and practices of foreign colleagues in field of engineering training.

CDIO is a worldwide network of cooperation in the field of innovation engineering education aimed at preparing responsible engineers who change the world for the better through innovation and creative workable solutions.

CDIO unites more than 200 educational institutions located throughout around the world, including in Europe, North America, Asia, UK, Ireland, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

The CDIO Initiative is an educational program to train new generation engineers. At the heart of CDIO: Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate lies in mastering students of engineering activities in accordance with the model “Plan – Design – Produce – Apply” real systems, processes and products on the international market.

The CDIO initiative was developed with the participation of scientists industry representatives, engineers and students as template that can be adapted and adopted by anyone university. Worldwide participants in the CDIO Initiative adopted it as a basis for planning their training programs and evaluation of results.

Sin Moh Chea is one of the regional leaders CDIO organization since 2006. The specialist conducts various seminars and master classes to promote the CDIO initiative in specialized universities in Asia. More than 80 articles on CDIO have been published, presented by him at various international conferences and symposia. Expert's current research areas include using CDIO to promote self-directed learning, development of sustainable thinking, student perception mastery in the era of digitalization and artificial intelligence.

University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan named after Oguz Khan was the first among universities in Central Asia to be admitted to as a full member of the CDIO organization in March 2023 of the year. The Turkmen university is a regular participant in various international scientific and practical events, educational nature conducted in our country and beyond abroad. Successful cooperation for the purpose of development and improvement of the sphere of science and education is carried out within the framework of signed Agreements and Memorandums with higher schools Japan, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Turkey.