Ï "Indian Love" on the stage of the Pushkin Theater

"Indian Love" on the stage of the Pushkin Theater

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"Indian Love" on the stage of the Pushkin Theater
Jepbarguly Garaev

The premiere of the play "Indian Love," staged based on the play by the Indian playwright Gopalakrishna Parachuri, was a great success with a full house at the A.S. Pushkin State Russian Drama Theater.

Why do we love Indian films? For the songs and dances! For the beautiful costumes! For the charm of the actors! The play "Indian Love" has all of this and more: attacks, fights, fire, and, of course, love.

The impression of the play can be summed up in four words – "You must see it!" The play resembles a lively, sparkling concert, and it's worth noting that it features seven dance compositions. On stage, a story unfolds that reminds the audience that wealth brings power and honor, while poverty brings true love. Everyone chooses for themselves. The main character of the play, Santosh, whose role was brilliantly played by Begench Ishanguliev, chose Shiri and transformed from a London student into an Indian peasant.

With the questions: "Why was this play chosen, and what was it like working on it?" we turned to the director Bayram Garajayev.

"I grew up on Indian films," Bayram says, "so I've long had the idea of staging a play with a charming moral message. Finally, my dream has come true. The play is massive – almost the entire cast is involved. Thanks to everyone, and especially to Adelina Nazarova, Merdan Nurmuhammedov and Begench Ishanguliev, who managed to turn all the actors into dancers."

"An excellent result was also achieved by the music directors Begench Kakayev and Denis Vybornov, who selected Indian music and songs for the play. And how much love the tailors put into making the traditional Indian costumes."

A question for the choreographer Adelina Nazarova: "Where did the dancing children on stage come from?"

"These are children of the Pushkin Theater company," Adelina replies. "From the way they dance, you can tell they're on stage for the first time. But their childlike spontaneity adds charm to their performances."

"I completely agree with you. My heartfelt congratulations to all the Pushkin Theater team on this wonderful play, which will undoubtedly become the most popular in the theater's repertoire and bring a lot of pleasure to the audience."