Ï Monuments of outstanding personalities in the cultural park complex "Magtymguly Pyragy": Sayat-Nova

Monuments of outstanding personalities in the cultural park complex "Magtymguly Pyragy": Sayat-Nova

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Monuments of outstanding personalities in the cultural park complex "Magtymguly Pyragy": Sayat-Nova

This year, in a solemn ceremony to commemorate the 300th anniversary of birthday of the classic of Turkmen literature Magtymguly Fragi and in his honor, a new cultural center was opened in the foothills of Kopetdag park complex of the capital. It is symbolic that this large-scale the object, in addition to the majestic monument to Magtymguly, includes yourself along the alley of famous poets and thinkers of various countries and eras, which emphasizes its importance in the context of friendship of peoples and unity cultural heritage of humanity.

There are 24 monuments installed on the territory of the park complex world famous writers and poets from around the world. The editors of "Golden Age" considered it correct, if possible, introduce the reader, especially children and youth, to the life and work of outstanding personalities, whose monuments decorate Magtymguly Alley. This is also important because some of geniuses of their time presented here, visited Turkmenistan. "GA", publishing information about them, does not in any way claims to provide complete coverage of materials about a particular person, especially since many of them, after a large number of time, not much information has survived.

Our short story today about the “King of Songs” Sayat-Nova.

Sayat-Nova pseudonym of Harutyun Sayadyan, became famous as a poet, musician (ashug), master of love lyrics. Until now life and

the poet's work is the subject of debate among writers, linguists, historians and philosophers. Many important circumstances and the details of his life are still poorly understood.

Sayat-Nova was born in Tiflis around 1722 in a poor artisan family. From childhood the boy showed extraordinary abilities and passion for music and poetry. One by one from the versions he never received a systematic school education. According to another version, it is believed that primary education he received it at a school at an Armenian monastery in Sanahin. With time he mastered Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Farsi, Balochi and other dialects of the peoples of Transcaucasia.

In poetic form in three languages, Sayat-Nova sang the beginnings

life wisdom, condemned the licentiousness and arrogance of the “strong of this world", social injustice, but its main theme poetry has always remained - love. Sayat-Nova, according to evidence contemporaries, was an incomparable musician and singer with a charming voice. He is still called the “King of Songs.” His singing talent was recognized in high circles, for some time he was court poet and sazandar.

According to researchers, 230 works of Sayat-Nova. His music has been preserved thanks to the famous composer and musicologist M. Aghayan and singer Sh. Talyan, who collected his songs among the population. As noted, in Sayat-Nova’s work the central place was occupied by social and love lyrics. She played big role in the development of the poetics of Armenian verse.

Today, villages, streets, schools are named after Sayat-Nova, creative teams. Ashug festivals are held in honor of the poet arts and song competitions. A crater is named in honor of Sayat-Nova Mercury.