Company "Turkmenpost": air tickets can be purchased in the capital's offices

Company "Turkmenpost": air tickets can be purchased in the capital's offices

The state postal company "Turkmenpochta" of the "Türkmenaragatnaşyk" agency is expanding the range of services for the population of Ashgabat. In the capital's post offices, it is now possible to purchase tickets not only for travel by rail, but also for local air lines. Air tickets are sold to all directions in the capital's post offices operating daily from 8.00 to 20.00 - Nos. 1,15,17,20 and 35.

Work is underway to introduce this service in the velayat post offices of the country.

Signallers are taking comprehensive measures to modernize the postal system, which is designed to ensure express delivery of important documents and provide high-quality services to citizens. In particular, in all post offices it is now possible to carry out internal electronic money transfers.Taking into account the ever-growing role of the world electronic communications and the advantages that it possesses, "Turkmenpost" is introducing new types of electronic services. The main postal service has created its own Internet portal, which is a kind of virtual showcase.

The postal company "Turkmenpochta", through the updated website of the company, organized tracking of parcels delivered to customers on the territory of the country. Now, to find out where your parcel is located, now it is enough to enter its postal identifier in the field with the icon, click on the button and you will almost instantly see where and when the parcel passed, and where it is at the moment.

With the help of the official website online, you can call a courier to your home for delivery to post offices. Thus, the population has the opportunity to send letters and parcels to any part of the country as soon as possible, as well as to 190 countries of the world. In addition, through its official website, the State Postal Company provides electronic procurement of goods and their delivery to the buyer for non-cash payment. 

The company organized home delivery of fines issued by the Traffic Control Service of the Police of Turkmenistan. Citizens are given the opportunity to pay for them at the offices of the "Turkmenpost". On the updated website of the company, a personal account has been opened, by registering in which, you can also find out about fines and pay them using a bank card. To do this, it is enough to fill out the proposed format, which indicates the number of the issued resolution, car number, full name of the owner, phone number and amount to be paid. Payment notification will be sent to your phone by SMS.  

At the next stage of interaction between the postal service and the traffic police, in any post office it will be possible to pay not only fines, but also other types of payments related to car registration, exams for drivers, technical inspection, etc.

As a reminder, the company's range of services includes accepting payments for utilities, mobile services, expedited postage to any country in the world that is a member of the Universal Postal Union. In addition, on the website of "Turkmenpost" there is an opportunity to make non-cash payments and use the service of delivering goods to your home.

Vladimir Komarov