A training program "Close-knit family" is being implemented in Turkmenistan

A training program "Close-knit family" is being implemented in Turkmenistan

Within the framework of the joint program of the Government of Turkmenistan and the UN "Improving the social protection system by introducing inclusive quality social services at the local level", training is being conducted in Turkmenistan to improve family skills according to the methodology of the "Close-knit Family" program. 

The program helps parents understand the sides that need to be strengthened to overcome difficulties, offers effective ways to raise children and show their love for them. The course also introduces the responsibilities that should have both children and adults .

The program provides children with an excellent opportunity to learn how to cope with the problems and difficulties in life, to have fun with their parents, build closer relationships, and to understand that respecting family rules is important. They are also aware of the qualities that they would like to develop as they grow up.

As part of training specialists and improving their professional training in the field of social services, UNODC in Turkmenistan conducts a series of trainings for representatives of government and public organizations. These specialists will soon be conducting classes in Ashgabat's secondary schools and piloting new social services at the local level. 

It is expected that in August this year, similar courses will also be organized in the regions of the country, in particular in Turkmenabat and Mary.

It should be noted that the Close-knit Family program was originally developed and first tested in Afghanistan. To date,  it has been additionally piloted in Central America, Central and West Asia, East and West Africa.

                                                                                    Aydzhakhan Ataballyeva