Buses are the most important part of the transport infrastructure

Buses are the most important part of the transport infrastructure

In Turkmenistan, road transport is one of the most important sectors of the national economy. It is developing as an integral part of the country's unified transport system. In modern conditions, further development of the economy is inconceivable without well-established transport support. The labor rhythm of objects, organizations and enterprises, cities and villages, the timely and uninterrupted movement of passenger traffic largely depends on its clarity and reliability.

City buses are a "visiting card" of any city, an integral part of its transport infrastructure. The presence of civilized public transport, such as city buses, indicates the general level of economic development of the region and the degree of state support for urban transport.

Ashgabat can rightfully be proud of both highways, road infrastructure and, of course, bus facilities. The passengers are provided with modern buses Mercedes, Hundai, Iran Khodro, Volkswagen and many others, only about 20 brands. The system of bus passenger transportation provides a full range of organizational services, such as fixed-route taxis, charter buses, various vehicles according to tariff types.

Today, specialists of the Ashgabat car company, realizing the need to meet the ever-increasing requirements for creating comfortable conditions for passengers, are actively developing and implementing new types of services using Internet capabilities. Now, for example, the issuance of route vouchers to drivers equipped with special bar codes is being prepared. At the same time, bus travel times and routes will be reflected on a special website, and this, in turn, will increase the mobility of responding to changes in passenger traffic.

Among other things, the car company provides passengers with a wide range of preferential fares for fares. War veterans and veterans of other wars equated to them, widows of war veterans, disabled people of I and II groups, as well as children under the age of 7 years use free transport services. In addition, retirees and secondary school students are offered discounted fares for one-month passes.

Tickets for intercity bus routes can be purchased via the same Internet.

- The user is informed by G. Ballieva, an employee of the nanotechnology department of the passenger car company, that it is enough to use the menu to select the route, the date and time of the trip, indicate his phone number, and enter the details required by the system. Having paid for the trip, the buyer-passenger becomes the owner of an electronic bus ticket. An e-ticket can be purchased from a smartphone or personal computer using the Halkbank payment system.

The website of the Agency "Türkmenawtoulaglary" on its pages regularly informs potential passengers about changes and innovations in the movement of bus routes. For example, not so long ago there was information about the commissioning of routes No. 66 “Bekreve-Garadamak” and No. 90 “Bagir-Tekinsky Bazaar”.

The increase in passenger traffic, the opening of more and more routes make demands on the preservation of an ecologically clean environment in cities. This dictates the desire of the authorities to purchase electric buses in the future.

As in other sectors of the national economy, the Türkmenawtoulaglary Agency pays great attention to personnel training. A significant help in this is the National Institute of Transport and Communications, which trains specialists in many areas at eight faculties.

The growing car fleet also requires the selection of qualified driver personnel. Here, the employees of the car fleet use the possibilities of various advertising agencies and the media. Drivers with category "D" are selected to work on modern passenger buses. And this is understandable. Complex urban traffic requires special preparation. The Ashgabat auto enterprise recruits drivers from all over the country, creating the necessary working conditions for them. In the capital, those wishing to work in a car company can always contact the address A. Niyazov Street, 424 (tel. 70-77-24, 55-38-32).

"GA" Correspondent