Caring for the People’s Prosperous Life is the State Policy Principle of the Nation’s Leader

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On October 9, the ceremony of commissioning of a new large residential complex built on the initiative of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which stretches along the highway leading to the Turkmenabat International Airport, took place in the Lebap velayat administrative center.

In recent years, dramatic changes have been taking place in the eastern region, as well as throughout the country, associated with the industrialization of the national economic complex, the intensive development of the transport system, gaining international importance.

The dynamics of the socio-economic processes taking place here is also reflected in the scale of the ongoing construction, an important direction of which is the construction of comfortable housing.

Today, the housewarming parade was held in 17 four-storied houses and 70 two-storied cottage-type houses. The total area of the residential complex is 23 hectares. The new buildings, designed with regard to the requirements of the nation’s leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for domestic urban planning, were built by the order of the city hyakimlik by the Lebapgurluşyk production association, the Şähergurluşyk we hyzmat State Enterprise under the Turkmenabat Hyakimlik, as well as the Demirbetonönümleri and Demirbetonkonstruksiýa enterprises of the Turkmenabat city of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production.

In each of the 17 modern houses designed for 544 families, there are provided 32 three- and four-room apartments of improved layout, and in cottages – 5 rooms. So, the total area of a three-room apartment is 105 square meters, a four–room apartment is 123 square meters, and the ceiling height is about three meters.

The spacious cottages with an area of 241.5 square meters have all the conditions for organizing festive family events in the spirit of the customs and rituals of the Turkmen people, receiving guests, holding weddings and sadak, and other celebrations. During their construction, the peculiarities of the traditional way of life and everyday life, as well as the modern needs of residents, are taken into account. High-quality building materials made from local raw materials are used in the construction of cottages.

The celebrations on the occasion of the commissioning of the next series of residential buildings were attended by the Chairman of the Mejlis Milli Gengesh, representatives of the velayat and city hyakimliks, public organizations, honorary elders and youth, builders.

The atmosphere of the housewarming party was multiplied by inspired concert performances and thematic musical productions of cultural figures and masters of arts of the velayat, creative collectives.

The speakers at the opening ceremony emphasized that in the epoch of power and happiness, the concern for improving the welfare of the native people, elevated to the rank of the political strategy of the head of Turkmenistan, finds visible embodiment in the grandiose social housing construction project being implemented, providing a system-integrated approach to the formation of all related infrastructure.

Receiving the keys to the new apartments with special joy, hundreds of new settlers expressed their deep gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for an effective social policy, happiness to live in a prosperous country where a person is proclaimed as the highest value of society.