Turkmenistan doubles export of greenhouse tomatoes to Russia

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Turkmenistan has doubled the export of greenhouse tomatoes to Russia. According to East Fruit analysts, over a continuing decline in imports of greenhouse tomatoes to Russia in 2021, the real sensation of the year was the expansion of Turkmenistan into this market.

In January-August 2021, Turkmenistan exported 32.000 tons of greenhouse tomatoes to Russia, which is almost twice (92%) more than in the same period of 2020 that makes Turkmenistan ranks the 4th among the largest suppliers of greenhouse tomatoes to the Russian Federation. At the same time, Turkmenistan practically caught up with Uzbekistan in terms of supply, which also increased exports over the year, but not so significantly. Uzbekistan’s exports grew by 55% to 37.400 tons. For comparison, during the same period, supplies of greenhouse tomatoes from Turkey to Russia decreased by 2%.

East Fruit experts believe that if earlier Turkmenistan was a relatively small supplier and did not create significant competition for other participants, nowadays Turkmen tomatoes are quite competitive in foreign markets.