The Turkmen-Russian Economic Forum

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The Turkmen-Russian Economic Forum

Today in the videoconference mode, the VIII Turkmen-Russian economic forum organised by Chambers of Commerce and Industry of two countries took place with a view of discussion of joint investment and industrial projects, strengthening and expansions of cooperation in the field of industry and manufacture of building materials, textile branch, agriculture, and also in spheres of logistics, tourism, digital technologies.

The agreements reached earlier within the limits of summit talks between Presidents Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Vladimir Putin and also successful work of the Intergovernmental Turkmen-Russian commission on economic cooperation, interaction at level of ministries and departments, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and business communities of two countries served as an important stimulus for conduction of the present economic forum.

The Turkmen-Russian economic forum, which has taken place today, urged to concretise the most perspective ways of development of productive interaction.

Heads and representatives of some ministries, official bodies and organisations, bank and financial structures, Chambers of Commerce and Industry of regions, and also large companies specialising in trade area, industry, textile manufacture, building, electronic information technology, mechanical engineering, logistics and a number of other branches from the Russian side took part in the present business meeting.

Heads and experts of sectoral ministries and departments, Commercial and industrial chamber, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, enterprises and companies manufacturing import replacing and export –oriented goods represented Turkmenistan.

As participants of the forum marked, as a bright indicator of productive interaction of two countries in the sphere of economy serves realisation of joint perspective projects in various areas, and also presence of some leading Russian companies showing interest in further escalating of business contacts in the Turkmen market.

It was underlined that activization of bilateral relations with regions and the largest industrial centres of the Russian Federation acts as one of the priority directions of the foreign policy strategy of Turkmenistan. It is not without reason that at the present forum representatives of chambers of commerce and industry from more than fifty regions and cities of Russia participate.

Within the limits of the forum, work conditions and possibilities of expansion of export and investment potential were discussed. Thereupon the review of investment projects and prospects of economic interaction of Turkmenistan and Russia in new conditions was made.

The program of the business meeting also included discussion of cooperation in spheres of industry and building manufacture, housing construction, agricultural industry, manufacture of the equipment, textile manufacture.

Representatives of the large companies and enterprises of two countries held presentations of export possibilities and import requirements for the above-stated branches. Thereupon the activity of the Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan as platforms for regulation of export-import transactions was also highlighted.

Use of Turkmenbashi international port as logistical centre in the Caspian region and investment possibilities in the shipbuilding branch became a separate theme for exchange of business proposals.

The constructive exchange of opinions on expansion of contacts at level of enterprise structures took place. In this connection, the information on the conditions created in Turkmenistan for development of private business, organisation of multilateral import replacing manufactures were presented to potential Russian partners.

With satisfaction having ascertained the successful character of the Turkmen-Russian relations, participants of the online forum underlined that the present meeting was the next acknowledgement of mutual aspiration to strengthening and further promotion of mutually beneficial partnership in key directions of multilateral cooperation with the purpose of more active involvement of economic and intellectual potentials.

By the results of the VIII Turkmen-Russian economic forum, a number of documents were signed.