A new passenger terminal is under construction

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A new passenger terminal is under construction

The construction of the new modern passenger terminal is going on along Makhtumkuli avenue of Dashoguz city. It is built by the specialists of the Economic Society «Muhammet-Balkan». Now, some premises for technical purposes are already built here, including transformer building, carwash for buses, water tank and other, the foundation of the main building is ready for the steel structures assembly.

According to project, the passenger terminal will occupy an area of three hectares. It is built near the central city market and creates a uniform architectural ensemble with the located across the road white marble buildings of modern business-center. The two-storied building will house a waiting room, ticket office all types of passenger transport, directory service room, storage rooms. In the passenger terminal, built in a form of the eight-pointed star, will be provided accessible exits to buses and covered parking for taxi. The entire territory adjacent to the object will be planted and landscaped. From here, comfortable buses are planned to depart to various parts of the region and the country.

As in the whole country, due to the large-scaled state investments, the road and transport infrastructure is being consistently improved in Dashoguz velayat. As a result of the work carried out on bringing the transport infrastructure into line with modern standards, today the region has a network of highways, providing fast and convenient movement of cargo and passengers, modern air harbor and railway station.