"Altyn Asyr" took revenge from "Akhal" and opened its way to the championship

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"Altyn Asyr" took revenge from "Akhal" and opened its way to the championship

The footballers of Ashgabat “Altyn Asyr” became the sole leaders of the championship of Turkmenistan, having won in the final match of the 9th round against their principal rival in the fight for the championship “Akhal” - 2: 1.

The duel between the reigning champion and vice-champion of Turkmenistan took place in the central arena of the Ashgabat multifunctional stadium. In the first round, the match of these rivals ended with a score of 3: 1 in favor of “Akhal”, which after that victorious game took the lead and held it until the end of the first half of the championship. However, in the last two rounds, the team of the Main Directorate of "Turkmennebitonumleri" unexpectedly lost their advantage. As a result, “Akhal” and “Altyn Asyr” approached the second face-to-face meeting this season with the same number of points.

The match of the two best football teams in Turkmenistan kept in suspense until the very final whistle. The score was opened by the footballers of “Altyn Asyr”. On the 31st minute, the team captain Akhmed Atayev brought Murad Annayev to the shooting position from the left edge, and he, approaching the penalty area, skillfully sent the ball between the defenders into the goal net.

And yet, the teams left without a break with a tie. The return goal in the second minute compensated by the first half was scored by Elman Tagaev from outside the penalty area to the far left corner from the goalkeeper. The captain of "Akhal" now has 8 goals scored, and he continues to lead in the scorers' dispute.

And in the 73rd minute, the top scorer of the last year's championship, Altymurad Annadurdyev, flashed his sniper qualities, sending the ball into the Akhal goal with a long-range strike on a low trajectory. This is A. Annadurdyev's fifth goal in the current championship. The same number of goals was scored by Nazar Tovakelov from the Turkmenbashi Shagadam.

In the time remaining until the end of the match, the players of "Akhal" made a lot of efforts to recoup. But the wards of the honored coach of Turkmenistan Yazkuli Khojageldyev acted reliably in defense and brought the game to victory.

Having suffered the first defeat in the 2021 championship and extended the losing streak to three matches, “Akhal” thereby put itself in a difficult position in the fight for the gold medals of the national championship. And “Altyn Asyr”, having taken revenge for the defeat in the first round, got ahead by 3 points and opened its way to a new championship.

Until the end of the championship of Turkmenistan, which will end on December 19, there are 5 rounds left.

The matches of the nearest 10th round will take place on December 3. On this day will play: "Merv" - "Ashgabat", "Altyn Asyr" - "Shagadam", "Nebitchi" - "Kopetdag" and "Energetik" - "Akhal".