From the Balkans to Dashoguz: construction of the second stage of the ring energy system has begun

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From the Balkans to Dashoguz: construction of the second stage of the ring energy system has begun

The construction of the second stage of the ring energy system, which will connect the electric networks of the Balkans and Dashoguz, and ensure reliable power supply to the regions, has been started by contractors of the Turkmenenergogurlushyk concern. The length of the transmission line -500 from the substation "Balkan" to Dashoguz is more than 560 kilometers. On this route, it is necessary to prepare reinforced concrete foundations and install 1,446 supports of the future power transmission line on them. The general contractor for the construction involved a number of business structures in the construction of the power line. Simultaneously with the construction of the power line, the project provides for the installation of power transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, relay protection and automation, telemechanics, communications and SCADA systems.

For the implementation of a promising project for the construction of a ring energy system, the Asian Development Bank once allocated a soft loan. The construction customer, the State Electric Power Corporation Turkmenenergo, purchased with these funds the equipment, materials and vehicles necessary for the construction of high-voltage power lines and substations, which were used for the construction of the first stage of the Ashgabat-Balkanabat ring road.

It is planned to complete the construction of the ring energy system of Turkmenistan along the Akhal-Balkan-Dashoguz route in 2023. The implementation of a large-scale project approved by the President of Turkmenistan is aimed at increasing the production of electricity, improving the quality of energy saving and improving the social and living conditions of the population, and a significant increase in the export potential of the industry. The ring structure will enable mutual redundancy between the energy systems of the velayats and Ashgabat. Having a permanent reserve, power engineers will be able to carry out repairs and modernization of power units, electrical substations, and power lines without prejudice to consumers.