Ï A unique “green” energy project

A unique “green” energy project

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A unique “green” energy project

The country's first power plant operating on renewable energy sources will be built on the territory of the Serdar etrap of the Balkan velayat. due to solar and wind energy, with a total installed capacity of 10 MW. The “green” energy facility will be built in accordance with the Action Plan approved in April 2019 for the implementation of the “Concept for the Development of the Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake Region in 2019-2025” to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply to consumers in the settlements that will appear around the Turkmen Lake.

This is a unique project in the history of our country, the implementation of which will increase the capacity of the industry, train national specialized personnel, and create new jobs.

A photovoltaic solar station with an installed capacity of 7 MW will generate an average of 1,371,784.12 kWh of electricity per year, a wind farm with an installed capacity of 3 MW at an average wind speed of 7.05 m/s will generate 835 kWh of electricity.

The Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan held an international tender for the construction of the above-mentioned facility with full readiness for operation, as well as for the purchase of equipment and materials for laying a 110 kV power transmission line. from the substation "Serdar". As a result of the tender, the proposal of the company "Çalik Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş." (Turkish Republic).

The development of a feasibility study for the construction of a unique project in the history of the country - a 7 MW solar and 3 MW wind power plant was carried out at the Research and Production Center "Renewable Energy Sources" of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan.

For several years now, the SPC "Renewable Energy Sources" has been conducting scientific work on the development and implementation of innovative technologies, studying the potential of using renewable energy sources and modern types of energy-saving technology, equipment and materials in the economic and social spheres of Turkmenistan. Amirkhan Matyakubov, a researcher at the Research and Production Center (SPC) "Renewable Energy Sources", tells how the project was created:

- There are departments in the SPC - "Transformation of photovoltaic technologies", "Concentration of solar energy (CSP) and solar technology", "Bioenergetics and biomass processing", "Electricity storage technologies" and "Project department". They prepare scientifically based proposals, for example, in the field of photovoltaic technologies, on the selection of sites for installing solar power plants in the territory of Turkmenistan, develop a solar cadastre and proposals for assessing solar energy resources, develop scientific bases for the use of test photovoltaic solar stations in the provinces of the country, and as well as wind farms.

Solar energy is the fastest growing form of renewable energy. The fact is that the climatic and geographical conditions of Turkmenistan allow us to widely use renewable energy sources in our country. For example, to receive solar energy and actively apply it in industry using photovoltaic converters and in thermal energy - using solar collectors. This, in particular, should contribute to the improvement of energy supply for the rural population and territories remote from the central energy supply system. It is possible to use wind energy, geothermal waters, biofuels.

In particular, the SPC has developed projects for solar air heaters and water heaters for use in the sectors of the national economy, and is also preparing solar energy projects for drying agricultural products.

Within the framework of the “Digital Economy Development Concept”, together with the employees of the design and other departments, a number of software products have been developed, such as the “Digital system for designing photovoltaic solar power plants”, “Digital system for designing a wind farm”. The specialists received the appropriate certificates from the Intellectual Property Service of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan.

Employees of the "Wind Power Plants" department of the NPC prepared proposals for the selection of sites for the installation of wind power plants in the country. They are developing a wind cadastre, making proposals for assessing wind energy resources, studying the technical characteristics of wind turbines with a capacity of 2 kW, one of which is installed at the research site of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan.

One of the most important areas is the development of scientific bases for the use of photovoltaic and wind power plants in Turkmenistan. In order to protect the environment and introduce environmentally friendly "green" technologies in the country, a project was developed for a photovoltaic solar power plant and its elements. Specialists

The SPC specialists prepared the software "Digital System for Designing Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants". With the launch of this program, it became possible to easily and reliably carry out design work related to the design of power plants in any territory of Turkmenistan.

The software allows you to accurately and quickly perform calculations in the process of designing photovoltaic installations, the reliable and efficient operation of which depends on a number of factors, namely, the geographic coordinates of the station location, the angle of inclination of the solar panels at a favorable angle to the horizontal plane, and the values of the radiation intensity of the fall of the sun during a year. Based on this, it is possible to calculate the amount of electricity that a photovoltaic power plant can generate during the year, determine where to install it efficiently, and study the effect of weather conditions on the parameters of the power plant. The program automatically calculates the wind potential in the selected region at different heights, and we can say with confidence that the region of the Turkmen lake "Altyn Asyr" has a great potential for using solar and wind energy.

Speaking about the exceptional demand for projects to use the opportunities of "green" energy, the head of state stressed that the construction of cost-effective facilities operating on the basis of renewable energy sources would directly contribute to the successful implementation of all plans, including the development and ensuring environmental well-being in the Turkmen region lake "Altyn Asyr".