Corrosion protection - from local raw materials

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Corrosion protection - from local raw materials

Employees of the Department of Technological Design and Implementation in Production of the Institute of Chemistry of the AS of Turkmenistan have developed a method for obtaining calcium nitrate tetrahydrate from local raw materials.

This inorganic compound is widely used in industrial production, in particular, as a reagent that protects the cooling system - cooling towers and supply conduits - from corrosion. Calcium nitrate can be used in agriculture as a nitrogen fertilizer. Every year, the Kiyanli Polymer Plant alone purchases more than one hundred tons of calcium nitrate for foreign currency for these purposes. In the laboratory of the Institute of Chemistry, this substance was synthesized by low-temperature neutralization of nitric acid with natural limestone, consisting mainly of calcium carbonate.

As reagents, scientists used non-concentrated, chemical, inorganic acid produced by the Mary PO "Maryazot" and marble processing waste, chemically precipitated chalk, mineral calcite (lime spar).

As part of this experiment, a tripartite agreement was concluded with the participation of the developer - specialists from the Institute of Chemistry, PO "Maryazot" and ES "Asia Onumi". From local raw materials, the participants of the experiment made a experimental- industrial batch of the reagent (more than three tons), with the help of which tests were carried out in the water cooling system of the Kiyanly Polymer Plant.

The experiment showed that the product synthesized from local raw materials, increases the ring and carbonate (temporary) hardness of water and provides its acid-base buffering, which preserves pipes from corrosion.

According to the head of the laboratory, Esger Annahanov, an application has been submitted to the State Service for Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan to purchase a patent confirming the authorship of an innovative method for producing calcium nitrate tetrahydrate from local raw materials.