Ï Nury Halmamedov on the stage of the Pushkin Theater

Nury Halmamedov on the stage of the Pushkin Theater

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Nury Halmamedov on the stage of the Pushkin Theater

The creative team of the State Russian Drama Theater. A.S. Pushkin, in preparation for the upcoming theater festival in our country, began work on staging the play "Strings of the Soul". The authors of the play about the brilliant composer of the 20th century, Sovkhet Serbazov and Mammadkurban Mammadkurbanov, took as a basis biographical data that are somehow connected with the music of Nury Halmamedov, because it is simply impossible to separate one from the other.

The stage director Bilbil Mammadov is aware of the colossal responsibility entrusted to the theater staff and especially to him, but he has a very reverent personal relationship with Nury Halmamedov: they lived in the neighborhood, talked in their student years, studying in Moscow. This, for sure, will help to privately reveal the image of the great composer.

According to the script, Nury Halmamedov will appear before the audience as a boy, a young man and a mature man. A pleasant surprise for the audience will be a meeting with actors in the form of composers Chary Nurymov, Aman Agadzhikov, friend and poet Kurbannazar Ezizov, singer Atageldy Garyagdyev.

It remains to add that the actor Makhtumkuli Kurbanov was lucky to play the role of Nury Halmamedov.