Turkmenistan declares its readiness to cooperate with the SCO countries in the field of security

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Turkmenistan declares its readiness to cooperate with the SCO countries in the field of security

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, speaking in Samarkand at the SCO summit as an honored guest, said that Turkmenistan is ready to cooperate with the Shanghai Security Cooperation Organization.

The head of state noted that Turkmenistan was invited to the SCO summit as an honored guest and considers this high status as an important message, evidence of understanding of the great opportunities and prospects in the development of partnership, the desire to give it a long-term and purposeful character.

According to Berdimuhamedov, Ashgabat fully shares this approach, and in its assessments of the activities of the SCO, it proceeds from the fact that this association, based on mutual respect and equality, with powerful political and economic potential, which has won high moral authority, is today becoming a pole of attraction for many states seeking to create a space of peace and stability in Eurasia, a mutually beneficial and sustainable space.

“Turkmenistan is not an exception in this series. Our country is ready to cooperate with the SCO, to build multifaceted, flexible forms and schemes of interaction in politics, in the field of security, in the economy, trade and investment, in the cultural and humanitarian direction”, – Serdar Berdimuhamedov emphasized.

He emphasized that against the backdrop of the current complex processes taking place in the modern world, special responsibility is required, the consolidation of states professing the principles of peacefulness, building a common strategy for maintaining the global and regional security architecture, preventing confrontation and unhealthy rivalry.

“In this context, Turkmenistan, seeing in the face of the SCO one of the most important pillars of continental stability, expresses its desire and readiness to establish closer and substantive political and diplomatic interaction, cooperation in such areas as the fight against terrorism, extremism, organized crime, drug trafficking, and other types of illegal activities”, – the President of Turkmenistan declared.