Winter onion production to increase significantly in Dashoguz velayat

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Winter onion production to increase significantly in Dashoguz velayat

This year, plantings of winter onions in the Dashoguz velayat occupy two thousand two hundred hectares, which is more than twice as much as last year. The main producer of early onion in the region is traditionally the etrap named after Gurbansoltan-eje, where 550 hectares are allocated for it. 480 hectares are allocated for cultivation in the etrap named after S.A. Nyyazov, 380 - in the Gubadag etrap. Winter onions will also be grown in other etraps of the Dashoguz velayat, where the crop has been planted en masse in the region before winter since 2020.

The experience of previous years has shown that in such onion production an important role is played by the selection of a region already adapted to soil and climatic conditions, characterized by high winter hardiness and disease resistance of varietal material, and strict adherence to the rules for caring for winter onion plantings.

The production of winter onions will allow farmers to ensure uninterrupted saturation of the consumer market with fresh high-quality domestic products.

It should be noted that, along with other regions of the country, in accordance with the tasks set by the state for the domestic agro-industrial complex to increase the volume of production of food products demanded by the population, farmers of the Dashoguz velayat are consistently increasing the amount of agricultural products grown, including potatoes, onions and carrots, legumes and gourds.