Modern vision of the surrounding world by students of the Academy of Arts

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Modern vision of the surrounding world by students of the Academy of Arts
Alexey Gimalitdinov

An exhibition of paintings by two sixth-year students, Merdan Babajanov and Maksatmyrat Kanyyev, has been launched at the gallery of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. The opening of the exhibition brought together almost all teachers and students of this creative university, who looked at the exhibited paintings with interest.

The first impression of the exhibition is the author's versatility in conveying the vision of the surrounding world. The paintings depict unpretentious and at the same time lyrical landscapes of Nohur, sketches of modern Ashgabat, poplar alleys - harbingers of the transition from one season of the year to another, portraits of loved ones, works of the animalistic genre, art decor. Merdan Babajanov and Maksatmyrat Kanyyev are artists in search. They try themselves in all genres. And almost everywhere they get a positive result.

The organizers of the exhibition placed the works of both artists together, without dividing them into two expositions. For an ordinary visitor, it is difficult to determine the author of the painting by eye, but the teacher of the department of painting and composition, Annageldi Jumanyyazov, unmistakably names the author of any work.

- Each artist has his own writing, it is, first of all, expressed in color, - he comments. - In the paintings of Maksatmyrat Kanyyev, the colour is juicy, but restrained, while in Merdan Babajanov's, the colour is sonorous, joyful. It should be noted that the more original languages in art, the better.

Nuryagdy Yagshymyradov, vice-rector for scientific work of the State Academy of Arts, shares his impressions of the exhibition:

- We welcome the fact that students of the academy, including Maksatmyrat Kanyyev and Merdan Babajanov, are fond of the modernist trend in creativity. In solving composition and colour, they use the modern language of painting in combination with national traditions. Here you can see their personal creativity.