Spring has come, spring is on the way!

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Spring has come, spring is on the way!
Alexey Gimalitdinov

In honour of the National Spring Holiday, the State Museum of Fine Arts hosted an exhibition of works by Turkmen artists dedicated to this beautiful season.

In the centre of the exhibition there is an installation that personifies the arrival of spring. And as a hallmark of this holiday - a bowl with sprouted wheat sprouts, which heads the installation, which consisted of beautiful vessels designed to store water.

Paintings «Cranes» by Yarly Bayramov, «Pomegranate blossoms» by Annadurdy Almammedov, «Flowers» by Stanislav Babikov, «Spring Festival» by Kakabay Gullayev, «Landscape» by Gulzat Ovezov, «Girl and Hares» by Gennadiy Brusentsov, «Parthian Empire» by Valentin Kudryashov and many others the works brought a spring mood into the hall, radiated optimism, freshness and renewed purity of the nature around us.

The work of Evgeny Grishin «Poppies» found its logical continuation in the floristic exposition adjacent to the exhibition, surprising visitors with the diverse beauty of flowers.

Sculptural works successfully supplemented the exhibition, among which Bayrammyrat Atayev's «Girlfriends», Juma Jumadurdy's «Dance», Muhammet Yazbashev's «Spring Festival» attracted special attention of the audience.

Among the guests of honor invited to the opening ceremony of the exhibition was an employee of the Institute of History and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Kakajan Bayramov, who told the visitors that the spring holiday was celebrated by the Turkmen people for a long time and was called differently depending on the time: «Täze gün» («New day»), «Oguz güni» («Day of Oguz»), «Nowruz güni» («New day»). It is now called the National Spring Festival.

This holiday comes to every home with a breath of fresh breeze, a bouquet of flowers, good mood and optimistic plans for the future.