Ï The purpose of the trainings is to increase the potential of villagers in the face of climate change

The purpose of the trainings is to increase the potential of villagers in the face of climate change

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The purpose of the trainings is to increase the potential of villagers in the face of climate change

The FAO/GEF project "Integrated Natural Resources Management in Drought- prone and Salt-affected Agricultural Production Landscapes in Central Asia and Turkey" (CACILM-2) contributes to the fruitful work carried out in Turkmenistan on climate change adaptation.

A series of trainings aimed at increasing the potential of villagers in the field of sustainable management of desert pastures and irrigated agriculture in a changing climate is continuing in the pilot areas of the project. Experts are making efforts to transfer the necessary knowledge to effectively solve agricultural problems and improve preparedness for climate risks.

On September 12, 2023, at the training in the Information Center of the State Nature Reserve "Bereketli Garagum" and on September 14-15, 2023 in the mountain village of Konnegumbez, participants learned about the varieties of pasture rotations that can be used in the territories of the Daikhan Associations "Erbent" of Ak Bugday etrap and "Yenish" of Baharden etrap, and discussed the development of plans for the rational management of an invaluable natural resource - water, on sufficient volumes of which the well-being of 60-70 percent of rural residents of these farms depends.

The topic of wool processing and the development of the production of various products aroused great interest and discussion. Since wool is currently practically not processed in this area, experts see this as a good potential for improving the well-being of communities.

Discussions were also held on the issues of irrigation of desert pastures and the involvement of local administrations and communities in this process. Representatives of the agro-industrial, water management and forestry complexes of Baharden etrap, specialists of the livestock, water management and forestry sectors, as well as representatives of local communities, shepherds, school teachers, employees of the reserve took an active part in the training.

On September 20 and 21, 2023, a training was held in Dashoguz as part of the activities of farmers' field schools on the specifics of conducting irrigated agriculture on salinized agricultural lands.

The participants of the training learned about salinization control technology and methods of improving the reclamation condition of irrigated soils, including by growing salt-resistant crops and fruit trees.

The project specialists taught the participants how to use salinity maps and conduct agrochemical analysis of soil composition to select the most suitable crops for cultivation.

The training was also attended by teachers and students of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, specialists of the agro-industrial complex, forestry and land resources service, representatives of the hyakimliks of Dashoguz velayat, as well as the local community and the N.Andalib Daikhan Association of Akdepe etrap.