Ï Oil paintings on water by an artist from Turkey

Oil paintings on water by an artist from Turkey

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Oil paintings on water by an artist from Turkey
Khasan Magadov

As part of the Turkish Culture Days in Turkmenistan the State Museum of Fine Arts has launched an exhibition of works by the famous Turkish artist Khalit Barutchigil. The artist from Turkey works in a very unique way - oil on water.

Turkmen artists and art enthusiasts have shown great interest in Khalit Barutchigil's artwork, scrutinizing his works displayed in the atrium hall. The first impression of the paintings is the elegance of the surrounding world. The artist delicately conveys nature from a philosophical perspective. The element of water in his work represents the beginning of life on our planet, hence one can see a leaf from a tree inhabited by insects on the curly, colorful waves.

That period of life on Earth occurred without human involvement, but an embryo - the fetus of the animal world - has already formed on one of the leaves.

Khalit Barutchigil presented a large floristic exposition at the exhibition. His poppies and roses are simultaneously modest and exquisite. Therefore, the artist does not put them in a bouquet, wanting to emphasize the individuality of each flower.

Special attention was drawn to a work depicting an elongated saber, in which a tall woman could be seen at the same time: her scarf is the handle, and the blade is a slender figurine.

The landscape works are interesting - mostly it is a contour Istanbul, over which a new coloring of the sky appears each time.

Khalit Barutchigil revealed all the secrets of his craftsmanship at the master class, which was organized in the conference hall of the museum. He visually demonstrated the entire process of creating a painting step by step. There were many people willing to replicate the artist. The participants of the master class took colorful drawings with ornaments and flowers as a keepsake.