Ï The premiere of the comedy "Wolves and Sheep" at the Pushkin Theater

The premiere of the comedy "Wolves and Sheep" at the Pushkin Theater

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The premiere of the comedy "Wolves and Sheep" at the Pushkin Theater
Jepbarguly Garaev

It has long been known to lovers of the performing arts that the Pushkin State Russian Drama Theater is staging the comedy "Wolves and Sheep" by A. Ostrovsky. Imagination drew a modern version of the renowned play, but the director Olga Volkova, Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, did not transfer the plot of this piece to our time. And she was right because the story about wolves and sheep is as old as the world itself. However, in all times and in any society, there are plenty of gullible citizens and those who are willing to take advantage of their trust. So should something be changed in this comedy?

According to the plot of the play, the young and wealthy widow Kupavina as a tidbit attracts to herself both suitors and Murzavetskaya, respected by townspeople. The widow pays forged bills supposedly signed by her late husband and plans to marry the dissolute nephew of Murzavetskaya. But then Berkutov arrives from the capital, who, upon learning about the planned construction of a railway through the widow's estate, hastens to propose marriage to her. 

After uncovering the widow's affairs, Berkutov exposed Murzavetskaya and Chugunov in their machinations and, in order to avoid taking the matter to court, demanded from them a sum that significantly exceeded the amount taken from the widow. Thus, wolves can always turn into sheep if a more cunning wolf appears. 

The staging of Ostrovsky's comedy play was not chosen by chance - this year marks the 200th anniversary of the playwright's birth. The play "Wolves and Sheep" is a tribute to the memory of the writer by the Pushkin Theater staff and its numerous spectators.

The actors in this production perform like singing a song, including the supporting cast and extras. The romance "All That Was," which was chosen for the musical accompaniment of the play, was written much later than Ostrovsky's play. The catchy melody of the romance with the dancing of the actors makes the comedy look like vaudeville.

The theater's costume department deserves special praise - the costumes on the actors were magnificent.

It remains to be added that the premiere of the comedy "Wolves and Sheep" will take place on December 9, and undoubtedly the audience will derive tremendous pleasure from it.