Ï Avaza Resort - winter days for health benefits

Avaza Resort - winter days for health benefits

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Avaza Resort - winter days for health benefits

Despite the changeable winter weather, and today in the national tourist zone "Avaza", the number of vacationers in the resort complex is not decreasing. Qualified specialists work in specialized departments of the hospital. They provide various medical and rehabilitation services to citizens recovering their health. In addition, they diagnose and treat diseases of the respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, endocrine system, and cardiovascular system. In the spa center with all amenities, people are offered the following services, such as aero therapy, heliotherapy, thalassotherapy, aero therapy, marine, including treatment with mineral waters.

The modern sanatorium has balneotherapy and mud therapy, a swimming pool, hydrotherapy with a SPA, consulting and diagnostic, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and therapeutic departments, radiography, ultrasound, electrocardiography, acupuncture, clinical laboratories.

In addition, vacationers and health-enhancing citizens quench their thirst by drinking herbal drinks and juices from medicinal plants in a herbal bar. Sports grounds where mutual competitions are held are also available to citizens. And today, citizens who spend time here with benefit and joy, strengthen their health, are proud of the opportunities created by our state at the highest level, and enjoy the wonders and beauties of these places.