Ï The lambing campaign is in full swing

The lambing campaign is in full swing

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The lambing campaign is in full swing

An important time has come for the country's livestock farmers - the lambing period of sheep. The livestock breeders of Lebap velayat also thoroughly prepared for it. These days, the flocks of the livestock farms «Serdar» «Jeýhun» «Garagum» «Tallymerjen» «Köýtendag» graze on the pastures of the Karakum and Kyzylkum, in the foothills of Koytendag. The presence of a sufficient food supply prepared in advance allowed shepherds to keep their herds of animals in good condition. Currently, these farms, where the lambing campaign has already begun, account for 160,400 heads of small cattle, and 2,015 heads of camels throughout the velayat. This year, livestock farms in the region with 79,200 mother ewes plan to produce about 72,720 lambs. Also, the farms have pre-prepared insulated agily for lambs, which is very important on cool pre-spring days. Currently, 12,500 heads of offspring have already been received in the velayat. The leadership in this indicator belongs to the «Tallymerjen» livestock farm, where to date more than 5,100 lambs have been received. This season, the farm plans to produce 14,426 heads of offspring.