Ï Takhir Ataev: Journey through Hans Zimmer’s films

Takhir Ataev: Journey through Hans Zimmer’s films

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Takhir Ataev: Journey through Hans Zimmer’s films
Jepbarguly Garaev

The musicians of Takhir Ataev's orchestra invited the audience on a journey through famous Hollywood movies with live music by Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer, a German composer, is considered a living legend of movie music. His name in the credits is a sign of the highest quality of a movie.

However, as Hans himself joked, his musical education amounted to only two weeks of piano lessons. But that didn't stop him from thinking musically and telling stories through sounds.

In front of the audience, Batman performed incredible feats to the live music of the orchestra, carrying out rescue missions. The charming lion cub Simba, who became the King at the end of the film, immersed the audience in a magical animal world with its morals and principles. The life of charismatic adventurer Jack Sparrow, full of exciting adventures, played out on the screen, surprising with bravery, courage and devilish luck. And all these thrilling moments were accompanied by the music of Hans Zimmer, who managed to convey the emotional tension from the screen to the audience.

An interesting fact: Takhir Ataev added a balalaika part to the soundtrack of the film "Sherlock Holmes". The melodic sounds of this Russian folk instrument delicately blended into the overall melody, emphasizing the unexpected emergence of the main character from psychological tension.

The concert dedicated to Hans Zimmer included 13 soundtracks from films that tell stories of heroes of different epochs, both real and fantastical.

 The live music and captivating movie scenes on the screen made the audience want to rewatch some of the films to relive the moments of these interesting stories from beginning to end.