Ï Annabibi Islamova: master of traditional carpet making art

Annabibi Islamova: master of traditional carpet making art

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Annabibi Islamova: master of traditional carpet making art
Alexey Gimalitdinov

The exhibition hall of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan opened an exhibition of carpets and carpet products by Annabibi Islamova, a senior lecturer at the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, Honored Art Worker of Turkmenistan. The inclusion of traditional Turkmen carpet making art in UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity contributes to its in-depth study, making exhibition of Annabibi Islamova's works particularly relevant.

The author presents more than 110 carpet products, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a Turkmen carpet museum for every visitor attending the exhibition. Among the numerous exhibits are not only beautiful carpets but also "chuvaly", "ensi", "gapylyk" and "sachak". A close look at these products reveals traditional ornaments decorated with ancient images of horses, similar to the horses from the Pazyryk carpet.

Throughout her artistic career, Annabibi Islamova continues the traditions of Turkmen carpet making art. The artist successfully applies these traditions in various household items such as "asmalyk", "at khaly", various covers for dutar (a traditional musical instrument), sewing machines, and more. It seems that there is nothing in Annabibi's surroundings that she could not put in a cozy house made of carpet.

By studying the works of this master, one can gain extensive knowledge of the artistic traditions of Turkmen carpets, experience the uniqueness of decorative solutions, the exquisiteness of color combinations, the musicality of pattern and composition rhythms, and the perfection of technical execution.

Annabibi Islamova puts a piece of her aesthetic perception into each of her works. The master impresses with her ability to skillfully interpret and diversify Turkmen ornaments. Her imagination, hard work and love for her art help her to achieve beautiful results. As the artist herself says, "I cannot imagine a single day without a carpet."

Carpet bags by Annabibi Islamova are especially attractive to women, reflecting the master's individual creativity, innovation in introducing new techniques, and the ability to beautifully select a color palette and combine different patterns. For instance, on the bag "White City of Ashgabat", the author depicted white marble buildings and incorporated a pattern along the edge symbolizing the residential complexes of the capital.

Using stylization and warm tones, Annabibi Islamova masterfully portrays the animal world and the nature of her homeland in her carpets. Her works feature various gyols: "gushly gyol", "dyrnak gyol", "ayna gyol", "derveze gyol", as well as ornaments such as "dagdan", "zerbaf" and "perre gul".

For many years, she has been passing on the traditions of Turkmen carpet weaving to her students. Among her students are Gulshirin Berdieva, Yazgeldi Khajiev, Mergen Berdiev, Bahar Pirgulyeva, who actively participate in art exhibitions and competitions.

The exhibition of works by the experienced mentor Annabibi Islamova will undoubtedly have a tremendous influence on the creativity of young carpet artists and leave an indelible impression on all admirers of Turkmen decorative and applied arts.