Ï Concert of Resul Gylyjov's musicians with Hollywood stars

Concert of Resul Gylyjov's musicians with Hollywood stars

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Concert of Resul Gylyjov's musicians with Hollywood stars
Jepbarguly Garaev

The concert of the State Symphony Orchestra of Turkmenistan, conducted by Resul Gylyjov, took place at the Mukam Palace. The concert program included movie music from Oscar-winning films.

As Resul Gylyjov noted, this is the fourth concert of this project, which, judging by the full hall, constantly finds a response in the hearts of music lovers.

According to the established etiquette, the concert program was opened by Greg Hulme's "Oscars Theme", followed by the performance of 16 soundtracks to films, awarded the main cinematographic prize in different years. Among them are "The Windmills of Your Mind", "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial", "The Wizard of Oz", "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring", and others.

To the music of John Williams performed by the musicians of the orchestra, the audience experienced the jaws of a shark (from the movie "Jaws") up close and participated in interplanetary battles in the movie "Star Wars". The romantic duet from the musical "La La Land" by composer Justin Hurwitz, performed by Dovran Shammyev and Shasenem Governay, made a very pleasant impression on the audience.

Two soundtracks were dedicated to the legendary secret agent - 007 James Bond. The first one, "No Time to Die" by composer Billie Eilish, was performed by Maysa Niyazova. The operators superimposed the singer's image on frames from the film, and our Maysa ended up next to James Bond. The effect is stunning!

Dovran Shammyev brilliantly performed the vocal part to the music of the second soundtrack by Sam Smith for this film.

Kakajan Khudayberdiev's solo on the duduk organically blended into Hans Zimmer's music for "Gladiator". The sounds of the duduk conveyed the sad and anxious sounds, lamenting the fate of a brave and proud warrior in the times of slavery.

Beautiful and captivating scenes of films of different years, live music of the symphony orchestra, excellent soloists - all this contributed to the success of the concert.

Addressing the audience, Resul Gylyjov thanked the public for their unwavering interest in the performances of his collective and added that the audience's desire to listen to beautiful music inspires musicians for new concert projects. The maestro scheduled the next meeting with the audience at the "Classics of Magic" concert on April 19.