Ï «Ajaýyp-gurluşyk» is building a new Health Centre in Dashoguz

«Ajaýyp-gurluşyk» is building a new Health Centre in Dashoguz

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«Ajaýyp-gurluşyk» is building a new Health Centre in Dashoguz

Construction of a new Health Centre is underway in Dashoguz. A modern healthcare facility is being built by specialists from the individual enterprise «Ajaýyp-gurluşyk» in a new residential complex in the city, which is being built along the highway leading to the international airport.

The total area of the two-story new building is half a hectare. The first floor ceilings are now being erected here. The new institution will fully comply with the high requirements that are currently placed on objects of this type.

Various premises will be built in it, intended for the registry, administrative and doctor’s offices, treatment rooms, a laboratory, a pharmacy and others.

During its construction and finishing it is planned to use modern building materials of high quality, long service life and environmental safety.

The new Health Centre is planned to be equipped with modern medical equipment, allowing it to provide the population with a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic services.

It is designed to serve residents of the new complex, which will become one of the most densely populated corners of Dashoguz.

In accordance with the State Program «Saglyk», comprehensive measures for the further development of the healthcare sector are being successfully implemented in Dashoguz velayat, as in other regions of the country.

In recent years alone, a number of large new buildings have been put into operation here, including a modern new multidisciplinary hospital with 450 beds and an oncology clinic with 150 beds.

Healthcare activities are being consistently improved in all corners of the velayat, including in the rural outback. Thus, in recent years, many rural centers and health centers have been built or completely renovated here.