Ï Ashgabat is a blossoming garden city

Ashgabat is a blossoming garden city

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Ashgabat is a blossoming garden city
Jepbarguly Garayev

The beautiful season of blooming fruit and ornamental trees has begun with the arrival of spring in Turkmenistan. Natural landscapes are adorned with fresh greenery, and the first flowers have blossomed in city parks, delighting the eyes with a riot of bright colors.

The country's residents have already picked up their cameras, trying to capture the colorful moments of blooming with creative enthusiasm.

Even coniferous trees are blooming, which are increasing in number in our country every year.

According to experts, coniferous trees produce phytoncides - biologically active substances that suppress pathogenic microorganisms. They purify the air throughout the year, not just in the warm season. One hectare of juniper bushes emits up to 30 kg of phytoncides per day, capable of purifying the air of a large city.

Turkmen juniper is widely spread in the Kopetdag and Big Balkan mountains. With the beginning of the spring greening season, ecologists and activists planted saplings of Turkmen juniper at the experimental site "Bakcha".

In 2024, it is scheduled to plant three million saplings across the country. Effective steps in this direction were made during the spring landscaping campaign, when 594 thousand 892 seedlings of deciduous, coniferous, fruit trees and grapes were planted.

Ashgabat has long been known as a "garden city" and spring in Ashgabat is always especially beautiful. Today in all parks and squares of the capital one can hear the melodious singing of birds announcing the beginning of the real spring.