Ï Each performance is a masterpiece

Each performance is a masterpiece

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Each performance is a masterpiece
Vyacheslav Sarkisyan

The concert "Masterpieces of Classical Music", prepared by the teachers of the M. Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory started with the aria "Ave Maria" at the Turkmenistan Cinema and Concert Center. The aria was performed by Gulnar Nuryeva, People's Artist of Turkmenistan.

As soon as the enthusiastic applause subsided, the voice behind the scenes, belonging to the concert host Ayna Shirova, introduced an interesting fact to the audience. Ayna Shirova commented on all the works of the concert program. From this unusual format, the audience not only received aesthetic pleasure but also gained educational value.

"String Quartet No. 1" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was performed by a string quartet consisting of Aybolek Mukhieva, Seyran Ataniyazov, Elman Nasyrov and Kakageldi Khojalekov.

Aybolek Mukhieva (violin), laureate of international competitions, and Stella Faramazova (piano), diploma holder of international competitions, performed the emotional tango "Jealousy" by Jacob Gade.

Meilis Myratgeldiyev performed the aria Canio from Leoncavallo's opera "Pagliacci" very passionately. Meilis immersed himself so deeply into the character of the wandering comedian that he evoked audience’s sympathy for the unfortunate position of the cruel character. The piano part was performed by Maya Beimanova.

Gulnar Nuryeva and Meilis Myratgeldiyev performed the duet of Aknabat and Jumadurdy from the musical comedy "Ovadan Gelin" by Durdy Nuryev, and Stella Faramazova performed the piano part.

Durdy Nuryev is one of the founders of the Turkmen composer school. His compositions are characterized by melodiousness and ease of perception. Perhaps that is why they are so beloved.

The string quartet performed Ayna Shirova's piece "A Walk in the Rain". In this composition, the listeners felt the charm of spring rain, the rhythmic tapping of raindrops on the roofs and the indescribable feeling of freshness from the gifted rain.

The concert program also included works by Anton Arensky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Giuseppe Verdi and Johannes Brahms.

The concert ended with the song "Gel Türkmenistana" by Nury Mukhatov, which was performed by all the vocalists of the concert - Gulnar Nuryeva, Meilis Myratgeldiyev and Bahar Durdyeva. The song was dedicated to our beloved homeland and the hospitable Turkmenistan Cinema and Concert Center, where this wonderful evening took place.