Ï Emerald banners of the proudly waving flag

Emerald banners of the proudly waving flag

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Emerald banners of the proudly waving flag
Vyacheslav Sarkisyan

The Exhibition Center of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan hosted an exhibition of paintings by Turkmen artists dedicated to national holidays – State Flag Day and Constitution Day.

A characteristic detail – the exhibition was opened with a portrait of Magtymguly. With this fact, the organizers of the exhibition wanted to emphasize that Turkmen people are on the eve of the 300th anniversary of Magtymguly Fragi. The poet and thinker is still in the hearts of Turkmens today. Following his precepts, we build a strong state, educate the youth, and realize his dreams in life.

In total, about 60 paintings were presented, many of which featured the emerald State Flag of our Homeland. As can be seen from the paintings, the artists pay great attention to the construction of architectural structures of the 21st century. Aziza Ovezmyradova presented an installation of iconic buildings of modern architecture of Ashgabat in her painting "Ashgabat – the Pearl of Asia".

The complexes of high-rise buildings that are part of the architectural ensembles of the city are one of the main themes of the exhibition. The white city of Ashgabat and the new city of Arkadag delight viewers with their beauty and respectability.

A charming little girl playing the violin not in a concert hall, but in the bosom of nature – this painting by Gyzylgul Khudayberdiyeva has become very popular with viewers, and it is often exhibited at various exhibitions. What is the young violinist playing? Of course, about the Homeland! This is also evidenced by the title of the painting – "Performer of the Era of Independence."

"Victory is ours!" – the champion of the Asian Games 2017 runs across the land covered with scarlet poppies. In the girl's hands, the State Flag of Turkmenistan proudly flutters in the wind. All their achievements, including in sports, are dedicated by Turkmen people to their Homeland.

The exhibition of paintings depicting the beauties of the countryside of our country is presented by Saparmamet Meredov under the general title "Beautiful Homeland." Spring has covered the foothills of the Kopetdag with lush grass, saturating the air with the aroma of freshness. One of the paintings shows three State Flags of Turkmenistan in the distance. Apparently, this is a small settlement located far from civilization.

Five riders, pyramiding on the backs of two galloping horses, proudly carry the State Flag of Turkmenistan – with this signature act, circus jigits amaze not only their compatriots but also all viewers abroad. This moment was captured by Derya Mametgulyyev in the painting "Winners."

The exhibited paintings, with their plots, evoke patriotic feelings in all visitors, which is precisely what the organizers of the exhibition aimed for.