Ï Strawberry bouquets in Turkmenistan

Strawberry bouquets in Turkmenistan

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Strawberry bouquets in Turkmenistan

The products of the domestic enterprise "Tudana" are presented at the International Exhibition of Modern Food Production Technologies. The largest strawberry producer in Turkmenistan grows delicious berries all year round.

The greenhouse complex of the enterprise is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows for high yields, ensuring food abundance in the markets of our country. The Turkmen producer also exports strawberries to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The products are sold in original airtight packaging. One of the innovations of the production is the manufacture of custom-made strawberry bouquets and compositions.

Delicious bouquets of selected strawberries in chocolate can be arranged in a classic style and gift baskets.

An order can be placed on the manufacturer's website.