Ï Silkworms of Lebap velayat in the home stretch

Silkworms of Lebap velayat in the home stretch

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Silkworms of Lebap velayat in the home stretch

This year, the silkworms of Lebap velayat completed all their contractual obligations earlier than scheduled. The achieved high level is the result of good preparation for the season, organized streamlining of current work, and adherence to agrotechnical standards. All these are achievements and daily work of specialists from the production association "Lebapwelaýatýüpek".

This season, contracts were concluded with more than 22,000 experienced silkworm breeders in Lebap velayat, and 27,650 silkworm caterpillars were distributed to them.

The silkworm breeders of the Kerki, Halach, Charjev, Danev, Sayat and Hojambaz etraps were the first in the velayat to achieve high labor successes, having completed their annual plans for supplying silk to the state ahead of schedule.

Along with silkworm breeds brought from abroad, they also used local breeds - "Lebap-1", "Lebap-2", "Dostluk-1", "Dostluk-2", "Türkmen" and "Ak pile". This indicates that experimental work is being successfully carried out in the industry to find the most productive silkworm breeds.