Ï Culture is the spiritual wealth of the people

Culture is the spiritual wealth of the people

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Culture is the spiritual wealth of the people
Akhmet Ovezmukhammedov

The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan hosted the ceremonial opening of an exhibition titled "Culture is the Spiritual Wealth of the People" in honor of the Day of Culture and Art Workers, as well as the poetry of Magtymguly Fragi.

This year, the holiday of culture workers coincided with the 300th anniversary of the great thinker and poet Magtymguly Fragi, which is widely celebrated not only in our country but also abroad. Therefore, a large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the work of the great poet. The exhibition features collections of his poems, copies of manuscripts, literature related to his work, portraits and sculptures of the great thinker. From an early age, Magtymguly Fragi was fascinated by the making of jewelry, so the organizers of the exhibition decided to showcase ancient silver jewelry from the reserves of the State Museum. In addition, the exhibition features ancient carpets and household items of the time in which the great poet lived and worked.

The second part of the exhibition is adorned with paintings by Turkmen artists depicting historical monuments of Turkmenistan. These include G. Toraev's "Kunyaurgench," G. Nurlyev's "Astana-baba," "Sultan Sanjar," "Mausoleum of Shirkebir" and "Jeweler." Noteworthy is the unusual painting "Rodoguna" by the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Chary Amangeldiyev, depicting a Parthian girl in Turkmen national motifs. Also on display are works by young artists such as G. Yazmuhammedova's "National Values" and Sh. Rejepov's "Ancient Craft," among others.

A separate section of the exhibition is dedicated to women's clothing: red, green and yellow cloaks, skullcaps, dowry bags embroidered with patterns, each with a symbolic meaning and colored in the hues of spring nature. Ancient jewelry is paired with the national women's clothing, including gulyaka (chest ornament), ay halka (earrings), eginlik (head jewelry), tumar (amulet case), gosha asyk (hair ornament), four-row bracelets, and more.

The third part of the exhibition is devoted to national musical instruments. A special podium showcases the dutar, gijak, gargy tuydyuk (pipe), and tambourine – essential attributes of all national celebrations of the Turkmen people.