Operator Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev: Life behind the scene

Operator Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev: Life behind the scene

Everybody loves watching movies. Some are attracted with historical films, other prefer drama, fantasy of documentary. But success of any movie depends not only on the talent of director and actors but also on ability of operator to make effective visual line. To make the plot to be dynamic, to interpret the pulse of emotion via the screen.

Operator of Oguzkhan Turkmenfilm Association Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev has started to make first movies on film camera. Today, having learned how to use digital equipment, the operator still always has his camera with him as he know which footages can capture the attention of movie lovers.

Summing up of results of the contest for the best artistic image of Turkmen dog during the events on occasion of Ahalteke horse and turkmen shepherd dog celebrations, Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev has won in nomination “The Best Camera Work”.

In the conversation with reporter of the Golden Age, the master has told about his first steps in movie industry.

Professional carrier of Dovletgeldy was determined by lucky case. Once, big film crew, which composition included famous movie directors Kakov Orazsahatov and Baba Annanov has come to the village where he spent his childhood. Village boys used to go to the sooting site to watch how the movie is made.

  When I was a boy, I always had camera with me as I was interested in photography, - Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev recollects. – When the fil crew has come, I have first seen big cameras, which were used by serious and focused people. Having noted by keen interest to the shooting, Baba Annanov invited me as an assistant. Therefore, after the school, I have come to Ashgabat in 1978 and went direct to movie studio.

Employed to the studio, the young man developed his skills working with film practically, learned how to glue montage frames and other secrets of movie production. People’s Artist and Movie Director Baba Annanov was his first mentor. Later, the guy went to Moscow to learn movie making in All-union State Institute of Cinematography.

  Many people think that it is not hard to be an operator, just press the button and shoot, but the secret of effective movie line lies in the ability to think in different dimensions, - Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev says. – Everything is important in operator’s work! What thought do you want to tell to spectators, what feeling do you want to raise in their hearts? The idea is just like a core, it connects all frames to episodes and the episode to the film. Therefore, before starting the shooting, I study the area and always look for original composition solutions. This is what I learned from my teachers both in Russia and Turkmenistan. 

Dovletgeldy consider People’s Artist of USSR, playwright, director and actor Alty Karliyev, who was a founder of national cinematography, as his hero.

Inspired by his works, Dovletgeldy has made a small museum in his art studio. Big bass relief of the master of national cinematography occupies deserving place in his studio.

Although the operator spends most of his time in journeys and at shooting sites, he always come back home, to his work in art laboratory to be more precise, with pleasure. The plots shot by Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev are often demonstrated by Turkmen television.

A story about wild horses living in preserved parts of Turkmenistan has been demonstrated on MIR 24 TV channel. Dovletgeldy Hudayberdiyev is the author of the video. The cameraman works on documentary about unusual horses.

  We went around whole Turkmenistan shooting wild horses. The shooting process was very complicated. The horses are always on the move, therefore we had to be smart to catch the wind and make effective footages. I hope that soon people will see my work.