New developments will appear in Akhal velayat

New developments will appear in Akhal velayat

On the eve of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan the new developments will appear in Akhal velayat. Thus, four-storied 48-apartment house was delivered for the employees of Akhal velayat Police Department and its divisions by the Ashgabat enterprise «Demirbetonönümleri».

The area of the residential estate, where all necessary comfortable living conditions were created, is 8179 square meters. The advanced equipment and high-quality building materials were used for its construction, the qualified specialists with many years’ experience of work in similar project were attacked.

The construction of the next modern residential house is one more step toward formation in Akhal velayat center of the modern municipal infrastructure. It should be noted, that in the scope of the programs and projects on the housing development and all-round development of the regions, there are carried out the construction of multiple industrial, social and cultural-purpose facilities and landscaping of cities and settlements.

PreparedAyjahan Ataballyyeva