Jelaleddin Sutan – pride of Fatherland for all time

Jelaleddin Sutan – pride of Fatherland for all time

The historic drama «Jelaleddin Sutan – pride of Fatherland» by People's Writer of Turkmenistan Govshutgeldi Danatarov, became the present for the on-stage performance group of the Main Dramatic Theater to the 30th anniversary of independence of our country.

– I started the develop a theme about Jelaleddin Menburny, because it has been 800 years since this hero is no more, but his spirit is alive among us, - said dramaturg. – Being at work on the stage play, I specially didn’t follow strictly the historic data about Jelaleddin, but took as a basis one of multiple legends composed by people about him.

Sultan Jelaleddin came down in history as a unique war leader who was able to stand against Genghis Khan. That particular fact the stage manager Eziz Ishangulyyev took for prelude to the action of the play: the enraged uncontrolled lions as a storm blaze through the cities and their inhabitants, meeting no resistance on their way. But only brave Jelaleddin, drawing the sword, alone, rushed headlong into the fight with this evil spirits.

This impressive opening immediately transfers the spectators to those tragic times, blood-stained from the barbarity of the Mongol-Tatar Yoke.

… Several years before Jelaleddin, unconventionally, got married to beloved girl, this fact set Turkan-Hatyn – mother of Khorezmshah Muhammed against her grandson. The ambitious grandmother, with the unconquerable temper in her nature, prevented his rise to throne, although he was eldest son of Muhammed.

Jelaleddin Menburny from his childhood showed the ability for the military art. Therefore, when it became known about the oncoming troops of Genghis Khan, ghis father tructed to him the defence of Khorezmshah. Jelaleddin showed prodigies of valour in the fight. Fir the first time Genghis Khan met the enemy who was able to reflect attack of his cavalry.

But the conflicts between Turkan-Hatyn and her unloved grandson resulted in situation where Muhammed had to give up on further defence of Khorezmshah by Jelaleddin. It was a huge mistake of Muhammed, who with his dying breath, anyhow, handed over the key from Khorezmshah to Jelaleddin, and how situation will unfold the spectators will know if they’ll see a show. We just want to quote as saying Genghis Khan, who watched how fighted this hero, born by Turkmen woman:” If my fourth son was Jelaleddin, I would conquer the world”.

Begench Karliyev was lucky to playe the part of Jelaleddin, the honoured artist of Turkmenistan Orazgeldi Duddyyev took on the role of Genghis Khan, royally played a role of Turken-Hatyn the honoured artist of Turkmenistan Amanbibi Abdurahmanova. The honoured artist of Turkmenistan Maksat Hidyrov created a complicated image of Khorezmshah Muhammed. The charming wife of Jelaleddin presented Dilshat Melyayeva.

Scenography catching the environment of Khoresm in the beginning of 13th century, luxuriant costumery of heroes of that time, theatral special effects promoted maximum faithfulness of memorable events with the legendary hero, whose name was etched with golden letters in the history and culture of our people.

Tamara Glazunova

Photo: Aleksey Gimalitdinov