Heavy crop of beetroot is grown

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The farmers of the Murgab valley started the harvesting of the last and sweetest crop of the agricultural year – sugar beet. The specialists of the Open Joint Stock Company “Marysheker” selected for “nekirt” (start of new work in fortunate day) the sector with area of 3 hectare of the rented land of Ogulbossan Danatarova from “Turkmenistan” daykhan association of Sakarchaga etrap, where she has grown a heavy harvest of the sugar-beet. An experienced farmer who has managed to get a high yield of wheat from her field also expects a second crop of at least 145 centners per hectare.

Farmers who have gained many years of experience in beet growing and realized the benefits of this crop in terms of efficient use of irrigated land, increasing yields, improving land reclamation do not care about its hard work. The transfer to beetroot for winter crops has also brought some benefits to daykhan associations and “Marysheker”.

This year, beets were sown on 14,900 hectares in 10 districts of the Mary velayat. The lands were selected by special experts for the convenience of water and soil. The largest part of the beet field - 5000 hectares - belongs to the Karakum etrap. Farmers of the Tagtabazar etrap who have just started growing this crop, this year also allocated 200 hectares of beets. It is worth noting that the beets and the crop to be harvested this season were only grown as a second crop in wheat-free fields.

In the Serdar, Bereket, Esenguly, Etrek and Magtymguly etraps of the Western velyat of the country, 3,000 hectares of beets were harvested.

Open Joint Stock Company “Marysheker” is now the only enterprise in our country that produces beets, sugar and various sugar products. The plant, which is in the process of preparing for a season that has brought equipment, harvest sites, production facilities and equipment to an active and reliable state, is expected to receive 224,000 tonnes of beets this season.

The commissioning of such plant, which is under construction, in the Balkan velayat will allow in the future to expand the cultivated areas for sugar beets and reduce the cost of sugar and sweets that set out our tables.

Muhammetberdi Annageldiev