The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan is instructed to establish the magazine "Medeniýet we syýahat"

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In order to widely promote the high levels achieved in the field of culture and tourism of Turkmenistan, to bring news and events in the cultural and tourist areas to the proper level to the population, to further improve the form of providing information in this direction, the President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution, instructing the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan by combining the magazines “Medeniýet” and “Syýahat”, create on their basis a legal entity - the magazine “Medeniýet we syýahat”, operating on the basis of cost accounting, and, starting from January 2022, to ensure the publication of this magazine once a quarter in the Turkmen, English and Russian languages.

According to the document, the magazine “Medeniýet we syýahat” is designated as the legal successor of the magazines “Medeniýet” and “Syýahat”.

The Turkmen State Publishing Service was instructed to provide high quality and timely publication of the magazine “Medeniýet we syýahat”.

The Ministry of Culture was instructed, together with the Ministry of Justice, to prepare and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals on amendments and additions to the legislation of Turkmenistan arising from this Resolution within a month.