Success factors

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Success factors

One of the large exporters of the domestic yarn to the foreign countries is the Dashoguz cotton spinning mill of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan. It has proven in the foreign market to be a reliable partner, which fulfills the export contractual obligations timely and with due quality. Fulfilling its contractual obligations and terms and conditions of the contracts concluded in the Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, the enterprise supplied last year the agreed quantity of the high-quality cotton yarn of Ring brand, being particularly in demand in the foreign textile market, to the number of states of neighbouring countries and beyond. Among the foreign consumers of its production are Turkey, Great Britain, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and other states.

Amongst the main factors of the successive export activity of the mill is a high competitiveness of its production. The Dashoguz cotton spinning mill is a modern high-tech industry, equipped with the advanced specialized equipment from the leading world manufacturers and is oriented towards processing of the domestic raw material to the high-quality and environment friendly finished product. 100% cotton yarn of a ring way of spinning, meeting the latest requirements of international quality standards is produced here. The enterprise is capable to process over 16,6 thousand ton of cotton fiber per year and produce 14,5 thousand ton of the high-quality cotton yarn of Ring brand, being particularly in demand in the world. The quality of product is strictly controlled by its own laboratory, equipped with the precision measuring instruments.

All that combined with the large raw recourses available in the region, high professionalism of the labor collective allows the products of the factory to compete with the goods of other foreign manufacturers and to take a worthy place in the world textile market. It should be noted that they are also in high demand in the domestic market.

Such wide demand on production made it possible for the enterprise to manufacture production on amount of over 89 million manat in the last year alone.