Carry out assigned tasks

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Carry out assigned tasks

In accordance with the tasks set for the agro-industrial complex of the country to strengthen the food security of the Motherland and fill the domestic market with local products, farmers in the north of Turkmenistan continue comprehensive work on the cultivation of high yields of potatoes, vegetables and melons.

These days they have successfully completed the planting of cucumbers and cabbage. So, this spring, cucumbers are planted on one hundred hectares, which is twice as much as last year, cabbage on 385 hectares, which is two hundred hectares more than last year. Due to careful care of plantings in accordance with the rules of agricultural technology, local farmers intend to harvest 2,000 tons of cucumbers and 9,625 tons of cabbage this year. This is respectively one thousand and five thousand tons more than grown last year. Earlier, the farmers of the region also completed the planting of potatoes and onions at the optimum time.

Dashoguz velayat is consistently implementing a large-scale set of measures to successfully implement the import substitution program and provide the population with fresh vegetables and fruits of its own production. The decisive factors in filling the domestic market with high-quality agricultural products, along with a careful selection of the most suitable sown areas and crop varieties for natural and climatic conditions, local farmers see a successful combination of modern scientific recommendations with accumulated experience, the most efficient use of water resources and a powerful fleet of agricultural machinery.