"Shagadam" won the Balkan Velayat Football Cup

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"Shagadam" won the Balkan Velayat Football Cup

Football players of "Shagadam" from the city of Turkmenbashi won the Cup of the Balkan velayat, having won the one-round tournament that ended in Balkanabat.

The honorary trophy was contested by five teams. Two of them - "Nebitchi" (Balkanabat) and "Shagadam" (Turkmenbashi) - represented the major league of Turkmenistan, the rest of the participants were amateur clubs "Nebitchi-2", "Galkynysh" (both - Balkanabat) and "Charlakly Yoly" (Khazar).

By the final round, only two teams came without lost points - these are "Shagadam" and "Nebichti". In the duel of these clubs, the fate of the main prize was decided.

The first half did not bring success to any of the teams - 0:0. In the 57th minute, Sayat Guliyev took Nebitchi 1-0 ahead with a 11-meter free kick. On the 71st - Farhat Italmazov scored a goal, and on the 83rd minute Akmamed Metdaev brought Shagadam a strong-willed victory - 2:1, and with it the Balkan Velayat Cup.

The team of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries was led to this success by the head coach Khodjaahmed Arazov.

The second and third places in the tournament were taken by Nebitchi (9 points) and Nebitchi-2 (6 points) respectively.

Shagadam midfielder Ikhlas Magtymov was recognized as the best player of the tournament, and Perhat Khadjitaganov (Nebitchi) was recognized as the best goalkeeper.