Parahat started processing early crop varieties

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Parahat started processing early crop varieties

With the arrival of summer, individual producers began processing gardens with early varieties. Currently, the individual enterprise Parahat buys peaches, plums and apples grown by the gardeners of the Velayat, and produces concentrate and baby food from them. To date, hundreds of tons of fruit have been processed at the plant.

In our country, a private enterprise replacing imported goods, as well as export-oriented, competitive products for the production of competitive products, fruit juices «Eçil», «Joş», «Han çaý», «Han suwlary», sausages «Han», ketchups «Dat», «Süýtli dere» dairy products and baby purees «Ýeserje». If earlier the main raw materials for fruit products were imported, now local fruits are processed and the necessary fruit juices are produced in production.

Since 1993, the products of the consumer services company have been in high demand abroad. The production of IP Parahat products from natural raw materials guarantees that they will be healthy and tasty. Its processing plants are equipped with the most modern equipment from Germany, Italy and Switzerland.