Ï A festive concert was held at the Ashgabat specialized boarding school

A festive concert was held at the Ashgabat specialized boarding school

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A festive concert was held at the Ashgabat specialized boarding school
Алексей Гималитдинов

Ashgabat Specialized Boarding School named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi celebrated its 29th anniversary with a festive concert.

The event, held under the motto of this year - "People's epoch with Arkadag" was prepared with the support of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the council of the Bagtyyarlyk etrap of the city of Ashgabat of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Makhtumkuli. Every year, this educational institution graduates many talented young men and women, who, thanks to good general education, enter higher educational institutions, both in Turkmenistan and abroad. Children from all velayats of our country study here. At the end of the sixth grade, excellent students from the regions can enter the alma mater of future physicists, mathematicians, chemists and biologists on a competitive basis. These subjects, among others, are studied here in depth. In addition, the guys are developing comprehensively: they dance, sing, draw, attend needlework circles, where they create crafts, learn the craft of embroidery and knitting.

So it was decided to celebrate a significant date in the history of the school with a musical and poetic concert. The organizer of the cultural event, he is also a teacher-educator Bezirgen Muhammedov, together with the students, prepared a rich program, which included folk songs and modern compositions, poetry reading and dance performances. With excitement, the guys went to the stage of the school assembly hall. However, the warm support of teachers and classmates under the applause accompanied the entire concert. The culmination of the event was the performance of the exciting folk dance kushtdepti. It should be recalled that the Turkmen national art of singing and dancing “Kushtdepdi” is included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. On the occasion of the approaching International Day of Neutrality, and in honor of the birthday of the specialized school, the participants of the cultural action were awarded with memorable gifts.