Realizing full responsibility

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Realizing full responsibility

In the north of the country, special attention is paid to providing agricultural producers in the region with high-quality cotton seeds. A special role in this process is assigned to the cotton-cleaning enterprises of the PA «Dashoguzpagta» located in the region, where processing of raw cotton of medium fiber varieties of last year's harvest continues these days. The presence of specialized high-performance equipment allows them to produce seed material that meets the requirements of the industry and prepare both pubescent and bare cotton seeds.

The technology of preparation of pubescent sowing seeds of cotton at local enterprises includes operations for cleaning seeds from weeds, their sorting, dressing, packaging and packaging of sowing seeds in bags.

As for bare seeds, their main producer is located in Koneurgench etrap is an enterprise for processing seed cotton with a capacity of 40 thousand tons of products per year with cotton receiving terminals for the simultaneous storage of 10 thousand tons of raw cotton. It uses advanced secondary seed cleaning technology with an innovative method that can significantly improve the process of preparing high-quality seed material for sowing and save several times the amount of cotton seeds consumed per hectare of fields.

This year, the enterprises of the association, taking a responsible approach to business, are conducting an uninterrupted production process of processing raw cotton intended for seed material. The association's specialists are determined to cope with the tasks set and to prepare the required amount of selected seed in a timely manner, which can provide the future crop with good germination in local climatic conditions, increased disease resistance, high yield and fiber yield.