Ï Magtymguly in the history of turkmen cinema

Magtymguly in the history of turkmen cinema

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This year is marked by two anniversaries - especially significant in light of the ever-expanding preparations for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the classical poet Magtymguly Pyragy.

April marked the 110th anniversary of the birth of Gylych Kuliyev, a Turkmen statesman, diplomat, scientist, people's writer and laureate of the State Prize named after Magtymguly, who wrote a two-part novel about the life and work of the great poet.

As a scholar-historian, he used extensive factual material and the works of the poet himself to, with the help of his writing talent, convey to the reader the richness of the spiritual world, the process of creative and civic formation of the patriotic poet and humanist philosopher Magtymguly.

It was this work that served as the literary basis for the creation of the color widescreen feature film «Magtymguly», shot at the «Turkmenfilm» film studio 55 years ago. The film became a landmark event in the history of Turkmen cinema, revealing to a world audience the significance of the figure of the founder of Turkmen literature, Magtymguly Pyragy, as a philosopher on a planetary scale.

Film critics noted that Turkmen filmmakers staged a dramatic film story about the glorious son of their people, in which the deeds and poems of the poet, his difficult fate are inseparable from the life history of the people themselves, whose hopes and aspirations were expressed by Magtymguly. The reviews wrote that smart eyes, wonderful acting texture, plasticity, and the ability to convey the inner state of the hero helped actor Hommat Mulluk create a truthful image of the great Turkmen poet.

Attention was drawn to the camera work of A. Karpuhin, the melodic and modern music of the then young composer N. Halmammedov.

At the suggestion and development of the film's artist, Vladimir Artykov, a unique trick was performed for the first time - cutting off a camel with a rider. And, of course, film critics noted the directorial talent of the luminary of Turkmen cinema Alty Garlyyev and the great audience success of the film «Magtymguly».

Based on the novel «Magtymguly» by Gylych Kuliyev, the script for the biographical film «Pyragy- Separated from Happiness», filmed at the «Turkmenfilm» film studio in 1984, was also written. The creative team of its creators includes a whole constellation of talented names - screenwriter Bulat Mansurov, director Hojaguly Narlyyev, cameramen Ovez Velmyradov and Osman Saparov, composer Rejep Rejepov, artist Huseyn Huseynov, actors Annaseyit Annamyradov, Sona Penayeva, Baba Annanov and others.