Ï Farmers of Dashoguz and Balkan velayats started grain harvesting campaign

Farmers of Dashoguz and Balkan velayats started grain harvesting campaign

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The grain harvest in Turkmenistan is gaining momentum. On June 14, the farmers of Dashoguz and Balkan velayats started harvesting grains with the guidance of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

In the northern and western regions of the country, elders followed the centuries-old tradition of offering a prayer to the Almighty for a successful wheat harvest. Then, the elders received sickles from the younger generation, cut the first ripe ears of wheat with the words "Harmanyňyza bereket, çäjiňize bereket!" ("May your harvest be abundant!") and handed the symbolic sheaves to the combine operators.

It should be reminded that this year, Turkmen farmers need to harvest 1.4 million tons of grain from 690,000 hectares, including 265,000 tons in the northern region and 80,000 tons in the western region.

The farmers of Dashoguz velayat preferred high-yielding wheat varieties well-suited to the region's soil and climate conditions during the sowing period.

The 2024 harvest employs grain harvesters and modern high-performance machinery operated by experienced operators.

During the harvest period, mobile repair teams will provide round-the-clock service to farmers, supplying them with everything necessary – fuel, lubricants, spare parts, and more.

Mandatory safety briefings on labor protection and fire safety were conducted for machine operators, drivers and other workers participating in the harvest. Proper working and resting conditions were created for them at the field camps, with organized cultural performances and mobile trade outlets.

Trucks will ensure the delivery of wheat to receiving points, barns and elevators. The laboratories of the Main State Service "Turkmenstandartlary" are also fully prepared, with specialists using the latest equipment to promptly determine the quality of the grain arriving from the fields.

In Balkan velayat, appropriate measures were taken to grow a full-fledged crop, including strict adherence to agricultural norms and the implementation of necessary measures for crop care.

For the upcoming season, the farmers of the western region have prepared for the effective use of every harvesting day. Powerful and highly productive grain harvesters have been deployed to the fields. As mentioned above, their uninterrupted operation will be ensured by a network of repair and mechanical teams, which have a sufficient supply of spare parts, fuel and lubricants. 

As part of the celebrations marking the sending of the first tons of golden grain to the harvest of the Motherland in Dashoguz and Balkan velayats, exhibitions of agricultural products were organized at the edges of wheat fields, showcasing samples of modern agricultural machinery.

A wonderful musical gift for the farmers was prepared by performers of pop and folk songs, dance and folklore groups.

On the occasion of the start of the harvest, production seminars were held in the velayats, there were discussed a wide range of issues related to the organized conduct of the harvest and the smooth and coordinated operation of the grain harvesting process.

The participants expressed sincere gratitude to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for his constant care for rural workers, the conditions created for a dignified life and fruitful labor of farmers, who make a significant contribution to the well-being and prosperity of the Motherland.

It was emphasized that thanks to the large-scale transformations taking place in agriculture, this crucial sector of the national economy has now reached qualitatively new frontiers. The country is intensively developing virgin lands, and effective measures are being taken to increase soil fertility and improve the reclamation state of agricultural lands.