Ï A scientific meeting on the topic was held at the S.A. Niyazov TSAU development of poultry farming

A scientific meeting on the topic was held at the S.A. Niyazov TSAU development of poultry farming

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A scientific meeting on the topic was held at the S.A. Niyazov TSAU development of poultry farming

At the Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A. Niyazov a scientific and practical meeting was held on the topic development of poultry farming. Representatives of the professorial and teaching staff, university students, members of the Union industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, specialized specialists.

In particular, the participants discussed in detail the issues of breeding, keeping and raising chickens, as well as obtaining quality food products – eggs and poultry meat. Members of the UIET spoke about importance of the poultry and livestock sector for creating food security and economic growth in the country.

According to experts, poultry farming is one of the dynamic developing sectors of agriculture in our country, which makes a significant contribution to meeting the needs population in meat and meat products, as well as chicken eggs. In many countries around the world, poultry farming occupies one of the main places among other types of agricultural production, since provides valuable food products and raw materials for processing industry.

During the meeting, various aspects were widely discussed topics. It was noted that one of the main methods used in agricultural production, is the breeding and reproduction offspring using specially designed equipment - incubators. It was discussed in detail about features of the incubation process and necessary measures for obtaining healthy and highly productive livestock farm poultry. It was noted that the most important incubation conditions are the optimal temperature, which should remain within 37.5-37.7 degrees. Correct temperature control helps to avoid egg spoilage and increase productivity of laying hens.

The speakers emphasized the high nutritional value of chicken eggs and their benefits for human health. Eating eggs has a positive effect on heart function, vision, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, due to their protein content, many vitamins, biologically active components such as phospholipids and carotenoids.

At the end of the scientific conversation, the participants discussed trends application of modern technologies in poultry farming, relevant methods of breeding chickens and raising poultry.

Note that scientific meetings at the agricultural university are held at on a regular basis with the participation of relevant experts representatives of business structures, scientific research institutes, teachers and university students organizer and other interested universities.

They allow growing farmers to expand their knowledge, train and develop professional skills and abilities, since these thematic events have not only theoretical basis, but also practical continuation. Under guidance of teachers, experienced specialists, students get the opportunity to directly participate in practical exercises, for which trips to farmland, technical bases, farms, scientific production centers, etc..

University meetings cover a wide range of topics in within the framework of one general theme of the agro-industrial complex of our countries. These traditional events are designed to promote training talented and capable, highly qualified specialists of the new generation, as well as sustainable, scientific and innovative development of the domestic agro-industrial complex.